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SMT Industries Incorporated


SMT Industries Incorporated is now QS9000/TE Supplement, ISO9001 and ISO14001 compliant as of February 2001.

SMT was the first privately held company in the state of Ohio to receive all three certifications.

SMT vows to stay among the leaders when it comes to standards and technology to satisfy our customers’ needs.

In the fall of 1998 the company management committed to pursuing ISO, QS-TE certifications, and improving the business management system.

SMT knew that they need a formal management system to enable assurance of quality and ongoing learning. SMT discovered that writing detailed procedures around the fabled ISO 9001 system standard would not work. Wasted were several feet of SMT bookshelves to reams of such dusty and unloved procedures.

On January of 2000 SMT contracted Ohio State University in Lima, Ohio as a consultant to assist in achieving certification in ISO-14001 Environmental, ISO-9001, and QS 9000/TE Supplement. As the project progressed it became obvious where SMT was already largely conforming to requirements of the three system standards. Where not immediately obvious, further investigation of the process often yielded further controls that SMT added to the flowcharts in the Teamwork System. Non value adding activities were completely ignored so they did not become part of the Teamwork System. SMT believes that they are the first Company in there custom machinery field, to be certified in these three system standards.

TUV Management Service was the Third Party Registrar for SMT "Teamwork System"