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Controls Retrofit for CNC Bender

As a single source solution for bending equipment, at SMT Industries Incorporated, we provide more than just equipment solutions and manufacturing services. We understand that the capital purchase of a new machine is not always cost effective; for this reason, we offer complete retrofit services specifically for CNC benders.

Equipment can be deemed obsolete for a number of reasons: control systems may be failing due to age and wear, spare parts may no longer be available, or they are not equipped to provide the level of productivity of modern equipment. Regardless of the reason, if you’re running an older CNC bender and are considering a replacement, we may be able to offer a more cost effective solution.

We have repaired, redesigned, and rebuilt all types of CNC benders, multi-radius shifting benders, and NC tube benders by some of the biggest names in the industry. They include Addison, BLM, COMCO, Chiyoda, CSM, Eaton Leonard, Eagle, Eurobend, Keins, Miic, Pines, SMS, and Winton.

There is no typical retrofit; services rendered depend on the extent of your needs and the condition of the systems. For example, a retrofit may be as simple as a software upgrade or as involved as an entirely new PLC system. Some older PLC systems may no longer have software support, or parts may simply not be available. We can also provide upgrades to advanced tubular software, as well as Windows-based PC control system upgrades that utilize all new non-proprietary off the shelf components.

Software is a major concern when planning any redesign and retrofits; however, it is only one aspect of the services we offer. Our retrofit service is a complete offering and can include complete rebuild of all electrical controls and wiring, any major machine modifications, either to add capabilities or accommodate process changes, and integration with other systems and automation. We can also provide many upgraded safety features, such as pressure sensitive safety mats, safety scanners, light curtains, and swing arm pressure sensors. In addition, all retrofit projects include complete documentation and full compliance with QS9000 tooling and equipment.

If you’re dealing with an older CNC Bender, or just need to add functionality to enhance productivity, contact us directly.

CNC Bender Retrofit Specifications

Bender Controls Upgrade
  • Software Upgrades
  • Windows Based PC Control Software
  • Advanced Tubular Software
Electrical Upgrades Bender Remanufacturing and Retrofit
Repair Redesign Consulting Push-bending
Bender Trade-Ins
Controlled Wrinkle – Split Die Empty Bending – Mandrel & Compound Bending
Product Remanufactured
CNC Benders
Multi Radius Shifting Benders
NC Benders
Bender Sizes
SMT Has installed New Electronics on Benders from 5/16"-10" Capacity
Bender Brand Names
Addison, BLM, COMCO, Chiyoda, CSM, Eaton Leonard,
Eagle, Eurobend, Keins, Miic, Pines, SMS, Winton
Safety Devices
Pressure sensitive Safety Mats
Safety Scanners Light Curtains
Swing Arm Pressure Sensors Combinations of noted items
Additional Services
Documentation Integration with other automation
Machine modifications Installation and Technical Support
Added capabilities, and machine options

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Heating and Air Conditioning
Heavy Truck
High Performance Auto
Custom Manufacturing
File Formats
Inventor (IDW, IPT)
Pro-E or Pro/Engineer (DRW,PRT,XPR)

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