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Custom Designed Machine Capabilities

As a premier provider of precision tube fabrication systems, at SMT Industries Incorporated customers, many industries look to us to provide them with innovative manufacturing solutions for their production needs. The heat exchanger tube flair system shown here highlights this capability. A manufacturer of residential high efficiency furnaces was in need of a single machine that would fill a gap in their overall manufacturing process. One of the advantages that we offer our customers is that, unlike our competitors, we are happy to build a one-off machine and do it with the same benefits and services of a multi-machine order.

This machine the customer needed was unique and required a complete ground up development effort. They needed a system that could efficiently locate and flare tubes into the endplate of a furnace heat exchanger. The tubes to be flared were composed of aluminized steel and measured 1-3/4” in diameter, 20” wide, 20” long, and 18” high. Other criteria included the ability to accommodate 3 to 5 tube assemblies with a high level of control over the assembly being flared. Because both ends of the tube would be flared simultaneously, maintaining tube orientation would be critical. In addition, to keep the production line balanced, the machine would have to be able to produce 60 units per shift. With this concept in hand, we began to develop the design.

Since this would be a low volume machine, we opted for manual loading of tubes; this was aided by a tilt table. Process actuation is PLC controlled and utilizes a combination of hydraulic and manual actions. To make the system easier to service, we designed it with as many off the shelf parts as possible. The customer informed us that they already had an inventory of spare parts for many of their other machines. With that knowledge, we made sure to design for parts that they already had in stock. The customer was very pleased, not only with the robust design and ease of operation, but also the turnover and price. The entire project, including design, development, fabrication, and delivery, was completed in just 14 weeks.

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Custom Designed Machine Specifications

Project Name & Description:
Heat Exchanger Tube Flair
Equipment Used to:
Locate, and Flair tubes into end plates of furnace heat exchanger
Overall Machine Dimensions
66" X 84" X 54" High
Overall Part Dimensions
20" X 20" X 18" High Tubes are 1 ¾"Ø
Material processed
Aluminized Steel
Industry for Use
Residential High Efficiency Furnaces
Low volume process development about
60 assemblies/day
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Design, Build, Develop, and Deliver (14 Weeks)
Delivery Location
In the U.S.

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