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Push Bending & Coils Capability

In the project highlighted here, we applied our extensive process capabilities to provide precision manufactured heat exchangers with very challenging geometries. This is an ongoing project with orders of varying quantity, size, and runs from 3 to 300 pieces per lot order. All of which have to be turned over in 2 days to 4 weeks, depending on quantity.

The project includes various diameters of round and square tube ranging up to 2" in diameter with wall thicknesses up to .125". This combination of dimensions, material, variable quantities, and quick turn production places this project out of the scope of most manufacturers. At SMT Industries, we have the flexibility, expert staff, and vast equipment capabilities that allow us to accommodate all of this customer’s project criteria and do it at a competitive price.

Before production could begin, a number of hurdles had to be addressed. There were process variances that had to be identified and overcome to provide the consistency and precision required. To do this, equipment had to be modified to add the strength and power needed to meet these specifications. This required the involvement of our machine designers and builders, who determined and implemented the mechanical and structural modifications.

Changes to the control system also had to be made, which were provided by our electrical engineering team. Once the system was ready, our production team developed a manufacturing process that would take full advantage of the changes made and deliver the quality and consistency that the job required. The speed in which we provided samples and prototypes allowed them to validate the design criteria, ensuring a seamless transition into the production run.

In the end, the customer was very happy with our work; with our vast resources, we were able to help them develop their product and provide the manufacturing capability that met both their schedule and budget.

To learn more about this project, or the processes used to manufacture it, see the table below or contact us directly.

Push Bending & Coil Specification

Project Name & Description
Push Bending and Coils
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC Tube Bender with Carriage Boost
Overall Part Dimensions
Up to 2"Ø x .125" wall and up to 2" Square
Material Used
Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum
Industry for Use
Heat Exchangers
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Layouts, Gages, Build to fit
Lots as small as 3 pieces up to 300 piece lots
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 days to 4 weeks
Delivery Location
Throughout the U.S.

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